Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts

Cuttyhunk is one of the Elizabeth islands located halfway between New Bedford, MA and Martha's Vineyard, MA. It is 1.5 miles long and 3/4 mile wide. A portion of the island is reserved as a nature preserve and the rest is filled with rocky and sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs, and the most friendly people you will ever meet in your life! 

I went to snap a photo and Kevin said "oh I'm caught." He can't go a day without scratching a ticket so since Cuttyhunk does not sell lottery tickets, he had to bring his own! We did look for lottery tickets at the one tiny market they do have on the island (it is literally just part of someone's home) but no such luck. We frequented that little market several times a day and enjoyed buying the 30 cent candy and $2.00 water. We did save the empty water bottles and we filled up in the sink at our inn (Avalon Inn) as some kind resident of Cuttyhunk told us that the island has the best water she has ever had in her life! 

The Cliffs

While Kathy and Kevin chilled at the Inn, Bryan and I went on a short adventure near the cliffs. We hiked along the path and I saw a small snake that freaked me out!! I quickly made sure Bryan went in front and I walked behind him (so as to avoid any future snakes). 

Bryan was a gentleman the entire weekend and carried my backpack everywhere! Even with the heavy camera and water bottle. He is so sweet! He was also very patient and let me take many photos of him even when he had to stand there smiling while I changed the settings on my camera a million times.

The dock

"Sittin' by the dock of the bay, wastin tiiiiiiime" This song was in our heads the entire weekend, especially when we went to the dock! We came here for ice cream, lobster rolls, tacos, and iced coffee for Kathy! It was crazy watching the workers just gut a fish right there like it was nothing! They also sold lobster dinners but it was pretty pricey. Some of the people who were staying in the inn with us bought some fresh fish and cooked it at our inn for dinner! What a fun idea! 

The avalon Inn

We loved our stay at the Avalon Inn. It was built in 1909 by William Madison Wood, the head of the American Woolen Company. It began as a summer home for Mr. Wood and then after WWI he gave it to his daughter, who transformed it into a hospital for wounded Allied officers. It was transferred to the Baumgartens who created a trust so that it could forever be an inn on Cuttyhunk for vacationers to visit the beautiful island. In keeping with the desire of the Baumgartens to have the inn serve the community, a portion of the home houses physicians who serve the community free of charge.

Although we had no air conditioning, we stayed plenty cool as we pretty much only spent time in our room at night. The inn had a lot of open "communal space" but we never felt constricted by other guests. We ate outside at the tables, relaxed in the rocking chairs, and played cover your assets inside in the living room in the evenings. It was one of the most relaxing places I have ever visited!