A Travel session in Utah

Alyssa is my aunt's cute neighbor and I am just obsessed with how this session turned out. She wasn't quite a senior yet in this session but we wanted to go ahead and get some cute shots anyway! This was a mini session so we did it a little earlier than Golden Hour but I love how the photos turned out regardless of the time of day! I love that if you know what you're doing, you can make any lighting situation look good and boy did we use the light to our advantage with Alyssa's session!

Alyssa was so cute and I loved how I saw in a very short amount of time a nervous young woman arrive - someone who had never met me - and then within 5-10 minutes you could tell she got comfortable and the comfort level shows in her gorgeous photos!! If you're new here, Hi! I'm Taryn, I'm all about timeless photos that won't age with years to come so I try to steer clear of the different photography fads and stick to true to life bright and vibrant images. I am in love with all of these photos so keep scrolling to see photos of the cutest high school session and if you're interested in high school senior photos for yourself or your cute senior, feel free to read more about the Senior Experience HERE and contact me HERE to book!