Pricing & Packages

Fresh 48 Collection

In-Hopsital Lifestyle/Documentary

- 25+ images in an online gallery
- One to two minute HD video
- On call within 48 hours of birth
- 30-45 minute session
- Option to purchase prints


Newborn Collection

In-home lifestyle

- 30+ images in an online gallery
- One to two minute HD video
- On call within 10 days of birth
- Wardrobe styling, and pose direction
- One to two hour in home session
- Option to purchase prints


Baby Milestone Collection

Maternity | Newborn | 6 Month | 12 Month

- Pregnancy announcement
- Maternity in home or outdoor
- In home lifestyle newborn
- 6 Month in home, outdoor, or studio (10+ images)
- 12 Month in home, outdoor, or studio (10+ images)
- Over $2000 value



Can I have a pregnancy announcement shoot too?

Pregnancy announcement shoots are included complimentary in the Baby Milestone Collection if booked during your first trimester!! What better way to announce to the world that you are pregnant than with stunning high quality photos?!

Why is video included?

The newborn stage lasts such a short amount of time and I want you to be able to remember it and look back time and time again not only with stunning timeless photos, but also with a high definition video. Those little baby movements, the sweet kisses you give to their tiny little faces, and so much love is seen through video. I wish I had a video that I could watch over and over again of when my daughter was a newborn so I have decided to include it in both Fresh 48 and Newborn collections without an additional fee.

Do you have examples of your sessions?

Of course! You can see a fresh 48 session and newborn session through the links below.

What is the process?

For both Fresh 48 and Newborn sessions, you can book both before and after the baby is born, but I recommend booking as early as possible to ensure I have room in my calendar. You will provide me with the due date and we will be in touch as that date approaches. You will text me or email me when baby arrives (or shortly thereafter) and we will coordinate a time to do our session either at the hospital before you are discharged for Fresh 48, or within the first few weeks at your home for Newborn sessions.

Can I do both Fresh 48 and Newborn?

Absolutely!! I actually encourage this because even though your newborn is little in both sessions, the two types of sessions are very different. If you book both a Fresh 48 and Newborn session, you will get a discount.

Are images included in my collection?

Yes! Fresh 48 collections last 30-45 minutes and include 25+ images in an online gallery and Newborn collections last 1-2 hours and include 30+ images in an online gallery. I often give my favorites and then include many more photos in the full set so that you can choose which are YOUR favorites to print and display in your home!


photos and video

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Fresh 48

Photos and Video

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