Mudroom turned nursery

This is actually a teeny tiny little mudroom. There is a door hidden behind the curtain and it leads into our kitchen, but we needed another space for this baby that is coming and I decided I didn't really want Nellie to share a room with the new baby if at all possible. So I quickly searched "small nursery spaces" on Pinterest and got to designing this little room! My brother and sister in law called this new baby Harry Potter and said I was a little cruel for making him grow up in a closet, but I think it turned out super cute and he won't even realize it is tiny for many years!

Mini Crib

Blackout Curtains

Curtain Rod

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These little lambs were actually gifts from Nellie's baby shower but I found some I am linking below!

Lamb Stuffed Animals *This is a commissionable link

I got the idea for this cute storage from Pinterest and I am so happy with how it turned out! I actually ended up replacing the Pete the Cat story with two cute little wooden cars. Nellie already loves coming in to the baby's room and choosing books from the shelves. She brings them into the living room and we haven't read more since I set this up! I am so glad I was gifted so many books and this storage cube is the perfect way to display them so that we actually read!

Storage Cube

Rainbow Stacking Toy

Woven Baskets

Wooden Toy Cars

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I always want my children's rooms to have an image of Christ and I loved this one I found on Etsy. I got it printed at Walmart and then found a nice white frame that would add to the light and brightness of the nursery! I think the colors match perfectly and I really do love how it turned out.

Christ Digital Download

Can't find the exact frame but this is similar - White 16x20 Frame *This is a commissionable link

This cute little mobile was a gift from my mom for Nellie's nursery and I love that I am able to use it again for this little baby on the way! And maybe the best part of the whole nursery, is the Ron Ekins original painting above the crib. I knew I wanted a painting from my dad and when he said he would do a study of Monet and try to copy one of his paintings with those pretty colors I was sold. Not only did my dad make this painting and find the frame for me, but he also did so in a matter of weeks!! I was so so excited when I arrived and I think it really pulls the whole nursery together!

Lamb Mobile *This is a commissionable link

Nellie's room is full of cute bins from Pehr and I knew I wanted to do the same with this baby boy's room. They have definitely come in handy for books, toys, and stuffed animals so when I saw this cute print was on sale, I knew I had to get it! I did add another cute hamper size one to my baby registry too but had to just immediately get the one on sale and I am so happy with how it fits with the rest of the room! I also think one of the biggest aspects of what makes this room is the adorable Rifle Paper Co rug. My mom and sister gifted it to me and I couldn't love it more.

Rifle Paper Co Rug - I have the 3'9" x 5'6" size

The bin I have is sold out, but I also love these options:

Grey Pom Pom Bin

Blue Pom Pom Bin

Whale Bin

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