We met up with our cute friends Hailee and Ty in the airport a day after they arrived and though it was fun traveling to Europe with just Bryan in 2019, I can't tell you how much more fun it was to go with friends!!

Though we were grateful for our cute Eiffel Tower pics and happy that we were able to see it, Paris was not our favorite city we visited. We didn't see the Louvre or Notre Dame but we did see the Arc de Triomphe and where Lady Di died. The pastries are excellent and can be found at any patisserie - you will see plenty walking around. We actually stayed at an airbnb that was a tiny one bedroom apartment but it included parking. It is very similar to THIS posting.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges was my absolute favorite place we visited!! It had so many picturesque spots and the little rivers in the city gave off Italy vibes. We had the most DELICIOUS Belgian waffles in the center of town and took a fun boat ride on the river with the best tour guide who shared a ton of historical information! We wandered around the city, visited chocolate shops, and took beautiful photos! I can't recommend Bruges enough!!

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a tiny country that borders Belgium, Germany, and France. The city is beautiful and the royal palace is stunning. There is also a fresh behind the city walls and it was just beautiful to hike through! I highly recommend adding this country to your list of things to do if you are in the area!

Rudesheim am rhein

We took a little ferry ride across the Rhein river to Rudesheim. It's a vacation spot for the local Europeans and was incredible! We took a tram to the top of the mountain the views were STUNNING!! If you get there early, you can also take a little cruise along the Rhein river which Bryan had done in years past. We ate a delicious beer garden and enjoyed the beautiful views of the area!

Bitche, France

When Bryan was in the Air Force stationed in Germany, he often took car rides across the border to the small town of Bitche, France. We took a ride out there, got some French Macarons, French bread, and French cheese and enjoyed walking around the cute little town. We walked up to the Citadel de Bitche and explored the grounds there as well. And, as always, took loads of photos!

burg eltz: wierschem, Germany

We have a painting of the Eltz Castle in our house that Bryan bought years ago but neither of us had ever visited it before and it was INCREDIBLE!! I highly recommend!! The photos were amazing and the tour was a blast!! I learned so much and it was amazing to be inside such an old castle! Hailee and I felt a little silly wearing our sandals and dresses when we found out that there was quite the nature hike to get up to the castle but it was worth it for our cute pics.

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg was one of my favorite cities of this trip! It was just so European and picturesque. We decided to hike up the stairs to get to the Palace and our legs were killing but it was so fun! We got delicious food, explored the city, and of course got more gelato!! Such a cute city with lots to see and do!