The Lopez Family

A Tunnel Springs Park Family Session

Paige has been my best friend for many many years. I moved to Springfield, Missouri the summer before my fourth grade year and that is when I met Paige. We were always friends and bonded over many things throughout the years, but freshman year when we became roommates and took 6/8 classes with each other, is when we truly became forever bonded as friends. Though she lives in Utah and I live in Massachusetts, we are still forever friends.

I was so happy when she booked a family session with me!! I found the cutest location with the prettiest field and even though the sun was CRAZY bright, we made sure to capture some beautiful moments of this stage of life. Paige and David met when I was roommates with Paige our Junior or Senior year of college (who can even remember?) and I went to California for their wedding! We used to call David our 5th roommate and we kept any jackets or sweatshirts he left in his own closet. So needless to say I am very comfortable with both of them. Their cute kids, however, I don't know at all! But luckily we became fast friends and we even got the oldest toddler out of his bad mood and got him to give us some adorable smiles! (He was mad because his parents made him take off the Spiderman sweatshirt he had been living in.)

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