The Pratt family loves fairs. I had never been to a fair in my life before I married Bryan, but the fairs in New England are much different than the fair in Springfield, Missouri. One of my favorite parts of this fair is seeing the giant pumpkins! This pumpkin weighed 1020 lbs and it wasn't even the biggest one there (it was just the prettiest)! The gardener told us that you have to water these pumpkins over 100 gallons of water a day. He said he waters his about 400 gallons a day! Pretty crazy that they get this big in only two months!

We arrived at the fair with Bryan, Nellie, and Bryan's dad and we met up with our friends for a little bit too! I enjoyed a fun country concert while I fed Nellie and Bryan and his dad had a fun time at the Agricultural Exhibit. We saw the animals, visited the giant pumpkins, and toured a few exhibits too. Bryan pointed out that they had a photography contest so maybe I'll submit an entry next year!

We met up with Kristin and Kathy and Kristin couldn't believe how big Nellie has gotten! We toured the tractor area and Kevin loved it! We had such a fun time at this year's fair and we are already excited to go back next year!