Grammy's Arrival

My mom arrived first as my dad had to stay home and work a bit longer. It was a highly anticipated arrival!! I was SO happy to be able to pick up my mom from the airport. It was fun introducing her to Nellie and seeing the joy on her face when she got to hold her for the first time. It has been so incredible having my mom change all of Nellie's diapers, make all of our meals, and just be with her every time I fed Nellie! We were so happy when she got here and I couldn't be more blessed to have a mom as incredible as she is, and Nellie couldn't be more blessed to have a grandmother as wonderful as her!

Cape Cod

We were lucky enough to find an opening at the Bluegreen place in Cape Cod (or as Bryan and the locals would say, down the Cape) at Dennisport, MA. When we got there it was foggy and a tad chilly. The next day it was absolutely perfect weather! It was sunny and 76 and was just perfect for the beach! My mom and Nellie hung out in the tent all day. Bryan and I had our first "date" while my mom babysat Nellie. What else would be fitting for our first date but going to a card shop! We ended up going to two different card shops and getting ice cream on the way back. It was so nice that my mom could spend time with Nellie and I could go with Bryan to the card store which makes him so happy and helps him relax (something he definitely needed as he is currently studying for the bar while trying to help me with the baby!)

After we got back Bryan stayed in the hotel and studied while my mom and I spent time with Nellie at the beach. The tent was one of the best purchases I've made as it was UV protective and with the windows it stayed very cool inside. We took many photos and I even got a little nap in with Nellie while my mom stayed awake! It was the absolute perfect day and it was fun to see how much my mom loved it (she couldn't love the beach more). We were so lucky and blessed to have such a beautiful day!

After many hours in the tent at the beach we went back to our place and my mom made turkey burgers on the grills there. They were very delicious! I then got changed into my comfortable pajamas and we went back on the beach and took a little walk and then rested on the beach chairs until the sun set. We listened to the waves and enjoyed each other's company. The next morning we also woke up and took another little walk/rest on the beach while Bryan studied. It was much colder but still incredibly enjoyable. (And we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw a family looking for crabs on the shoreline with some of the adults actually all the way in the water! It must have been freezing!!)

Grandpa's Arrival

After a delayed flight, forgotten keys, and being locked out of the house twice, my dad finally made it to Massachusetts! Before he arrived, Nellie was hardly ever awake and alert. Upon his arrival, she decided to start having some wake windows. She just stared at my dad and was enamored by him! She kept staring into his eyes and she stayed awake longer than she ever had before!! This girl really loves her grandpa!!

It was really fun having my dad here. He works so incredibly hard and it is difficult to be able to leave the business, so I was very grateful that he was able to come, even if it was only for a few days. I loved seeing him hold little Nellie and I am so happy that we get to spend more time with him when we visit Missouri at the end of June!

Nellie's Baby Blessing

On Sunday, May 30th, Bryan gave Nellie a beautiful baby blessing. We were so lucky to have my parents here and have my dad be part of the circle. We were also incredibly lucky to have the support of Bryan's family - both his mom's side and his dad's side. Nellie was surrounded by family that loves her. I have an entire blog post dedicated to that special day here.

newborn photoshoot

Bryan was pretty stressed with studying for the bar and he doesn't love photos as much as I do, so we had a newborn shoot with just me and Baby Nellie. I am obsessed with how the photos turned out! I am so grateful to my mom for taking the photos and to our house for the wonderful lighting! I follow a lot of great photographers on Instagram and not to toot my own horn but, these photos are my absolute favorite newborn photos I've ever seen! Nellie is beautiful, the lighting is perfect, and I think we chose great outfits for the two of us!

Baby's first bath

Nellie's umbilical cord fell off this week so we were able to give her her first bath! The bathtub that Grandma Kathy bought was so nice and we are lucky to have it! Little Nellie loved the warm water and getting washed, but wasn't a fan of how cold she got afterwards even though she was wrapped in her cute towel!!

We sure do love this baby and we are so grateful for all of the help Grammy and Grandpa gave!!